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Tort Law (6th edn) Kirsty Horsey and Erika Rackley

Tort Law (6th edn) Kirsty Horsey and Erika Rackley

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1:General introduction
2:Intentional interference with the person
3:Negligence - introduction
4:Breach of duty
5:Causation and scope of liability
6:Defences to negligence
7:Negligence: duty of care - psychiatric illness
8:Negligence: duty of care - economic loss
9:Negligence: duty of care - omissions and acts of third parties
10:Negligence: duty of care - public bodies
11:Special liability regimes
12:Nuisance and the rule in Rylands v Fletcher
15:Vicarious liability
16:Damages for personal injury
17:Death and damages
18:How tort works

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