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Law of Injunctions AUTHOR : C M Row

Law of Injunctions AUTHOR : C M Row

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Key Features:

  • Covers latest position of law, in terms of different aspects and related fields, i.e. Temporary, Permanent and Mandatory Injunction; Injunction in matters of Contracts; Trustees; Partners of Firms; Landlord and Tenants; Co-sharers; Easements; Patent; Trade Mark; Copyright; Election matters; Debt relief and Banking Laws etc.
  • Violation/breach of injunction/undertaking, its effects, implication, punishment etc. are also properly dealt with.
  • While revising, necessary care has been taken to retain spirit and essence of the original work intact
  • Updated with latest statutory provisions on the subject
  • Includes relevant and latest judgments delivered by the various high courts and Supreme Court, like Dile Ram v. Khub Ram, Atma Ram v. Charanjit Singh, Nirmal Kr. v. Raj Bahadur, Mercator Oil & Gas Limited v. ONGC Ltd., Om Prakash v. Saroj Bala, MESO Pvt. Ltd. v. Liberty Shoes Pvt. Ltd., Ramesh Kr. v. Chander Kr. and Mahender Kehar v. Skyland Builders
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