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Key to Criminal Court Practice & Procedures

Key to Criminal Court Practice & Procedures

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Key features of this edition:

  • Contents have been illustrated in a simplified manner, making interpretation of provisions easy for the reader
  • Incorporates basic procedural aspects of criminal court practice and their probable remedies
  • Provides comprehensive theory and in-depth knowledge on the procedure and rules followed on the criminal side of the litigation

New to this edition:

  • Legislative changes and developments that have taken place post the publishing of last edition have been effectively captured at relevant places.
  • Supreme Court and High Court judgments have been incorporated
  • Chapter pertaining to general provisions on issuance and execution of search warrants so as to recover stolen property, forged documents, and objectionable articles has been inserted
  • To explain to the reader, the procedure for trial of a case before Court of Session, of a warrant case on police report and a warrant case on a complaint, of a summons case, and a summary trial, special chapters have been introduced in this edit
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