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Handbook of Natural Justice Author : U N Ananthan

Handbook of Natural Justice Author : U N Ananthan

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The people of India have adopted and enacted the Constitution of India to secure justice for all. Constitutional provisions and laws made thereunder can ensure this only when proper procedures are followed by all the adjudicating authorities. The principles of natural justice have been enunciated and laid down by the Supreme Court to ensure that not only justice is done but also to prevent injustice. 

The book Handbook of Natural Justice explains the implications of the principle of natural justice in application. It covers the leading cases to illustrate the manner in which these principles or rules are applied by the Supreme Court and the High Courts.

Key Features:

• Principles of natural justice including right to be heard, right to notice, right to explain and the right to get a decision by an impartial authority are explained in detail

• Characteristics of various authorities and the ramifications of bias have been elucidated,  with examples of decided cases

• Limitations of the principles of natural justice in application have been illustrated

• Remedies available for non-observance of the principles of natural justice are also explained in detail citing cases decided by the Supreme Court and High Courts

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