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Google Rules Dr. Joanne Elizabeth Gray

Google Rules Dr. Joanne Elizabeth Gray

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CHAPTER 1. A Brief History of Digital Copyright and Google: Politics, Ideologies and Agendas
CHAPTER 2 .The Value and Function of Copyright: Why the Copyright Debate Matters to us All
CHAPTER 3 .'Innovate First, Permission Later': Google's Copyright Policy Agenda
CHAPTER 4. Google vs. The Copyright Tradition: Litigating 'Innovate First, Permission Later'
CHAPTER 5. The Problems of Google News in Europe
CHAPTER 6. Google's Private Copyright Rule-Making and Algorithmic Enforcement
CHAPTER 7.From Access to Monopoly: The Results and Complexities of Google's Copyright Logic
CHAPTER 8. Conclusion: Achieving Public Interest Outcomes in a Digital Environment Dominated by Monopolistic Technology Firms.

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