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Firearms In Criminal Investigation & Trials Hardcover

Firearms In Criminal Investigation & Trials Hardcover

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Firearms in Criminal Investigation and Trials lays down the intricate facets of Forensic Ballistics and is designed to cater the need of all professionals involved in dissemination of justice and students of Forensic Ballistics. All the case histories, illustrations and photographs in apt places make the subject lucid and easily intelligible. This new edition is fully updated with refreshed content. Six new chapters have been added which are on Internal Ballistics, External Ballistics, Terminal Ballistics, Shooting Scenes, Handgun Injuries and Laboratory Equipment. The book is aptly revised and updated with latest case-laws. This book is particularly targeted to non-technical professionals: the investigator, the counsel, the judges. But it is equally indispensable to Ballistics experts, medico-legal experts, Forensics teachers/students, academicians and to all those who are concerned with accidents/crimes involving firearms.

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