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Filing Religion State, Hinduism, and Courts of Law

Filing Religion State, Hinduism, and Courts of Law

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1. Birth vs Merit: Kerala Temple Priests and the Courts
     Gilles Tearabout
2. National Gods at Court: Secularism and the Judiciary in Nepal
    Chiara Letizia
3. Plaintiff Deities: Ritual Honor's as Fundamental Rights in India
     Daniela Berti.
4. Celibate Gods and 'Essential Practices' Jurisprudence at Sabarimala, 1991-2011
     Deepa Das Acevedo
5. Slaves and Sons: The Court Dynamics of a Religious Dispute in South India
     Ute Hüsken.
6. The Legal Making of a 'Hindu Sect': Understanding the Tandava Case in Its Context
      Raphaël Voix
7. British Justice and the Lustful Mahant
    France Bhattacharya
8. 'This Land is Mine': Mahants, Civil Law and Political Articulations of Hinduism in Twentieth Century North India
      Malavika Kasturi

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