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Drafting Pleading Conveyancing Dr. Medha Kolhatkar

Drafting Pleading Conveyancing Dr. Medha Kolhatkar

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1.Principles of Legal Drafting.



4.Plaint,Drafting of Civil suits, suits arising out of Contract, partnership.

5.Suit Relating to immovable Property.

6.Written Statement, Civil application and Execution petition.

7.Appeal, Review and Revision, Drafting Of Petition under matrimonial laws.

8.Drafting of Petition under law of succession , writ petition .

9.Drafting of complaints and application under consumer law

10.petition and application under motor vehicles act,1988

11.Affidavits , Drafting and pleading under criminal Law, conveyancing -practice and procedure.

12.Adoption.Arbitration, Gift, Indemnity, Lease ,Leave and License.

13.Mortgage, partition ,Partnership, Power of Attorney, releases /Relinquishments.

14. Sale deed/ Deed of conveyance, Trust, Wills and codicils.

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