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Concise Law Dictionary-P Ramanatha Aiyar

Concise Law Dictionary-P Ramanatha Aiyar

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P Ramanatha Aiyar Concise Law Dictionary, since its first publication in 1940, has proved itself to be an essential aid for legal professionals, jurists, academicians, researchers and students. This law dictionary provides the meaning and interpretation of legal terms, phrases and Latin Maxims in a precise and unambiguous manner. It contains alphabetical arrangement of terms along with their definitions. Thus, it helps save time and effort, which otherwise would be wasted in looking into various legislative enactments and judicial pronouncements to discover the meaning of legal terms.

Key Features:

  • Detailed list of abbreviations
  • Accurate meaning of legal words, Latin terms and phrases in common usage under varied areas of law
  • Definition of terms applicable to general and personal laws, as well as terms from specialized fields such as information technology, intellectual property, insolvency and bankruptcy, forensic medicine, mercantile, maritime, military et al
  • Words, phrases and expressions commonly found in English statutes, decisions and treatises
  • References to relevant statutes and judicial pronouncements to illustrate the usage of words and phrases
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