Introduction: the new vision,

Alison Liebling, Shadd Maruna, and Lesley McAra
Part 1: Constructions of crime and justice

    • 1:The foundations of sociological theories of crime,

Paul Rock2:Criminalization: historical, legal and criminological perspectives,

Nicola Lacey and Lucia Zedner

    • 3:Punishment and welfare: social problems and social structures,

David Garland

    • 4:Penal populism and epistemic crime control,

Ian Loader and Richard Sparks

    • 5:Political economy, crime, and criminal justice,

Robert Reiner

    • 6:Delivering more with less: austerity and the politics of law and order,

Rod Morgan and David J. Smith

    • 7:Crime data and criminal statistics: a critical reflection,

Mike Maguire and Susan McVie

    • 8:Ethnicities, racism, crime, and criminal justice,

Coretta Phillips and Ben Bowling

    • 9:Feminist criminology: inequalities, powerlessness, and justice,


eill and Bethany E. Schmidt


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