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Key Features:
A critical commentary covering emerging issues as well as legislative developments
Focuses on the developments made in the law relating to criminal law since the last publication.
Traces the close inter relationship of provisions containing in Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure and Indian Evidence Act.
Contains and discusses in detail the Criminal Law Amendment 2013 and 2018.
Contains critical appraisal of judgments of the Indian Courts that have led to the change and development in the legal position.
Major landmark and important judgements have been incorporated.
New to this edition:
Legislative changes introduced vide Amendment 2018 have been duly incorporated at appropriate places.
Incorporates relevant statutory changes in the law made post the publication of the last edition
Includes important decisions of Supreme Court and various High courts
The provisions and the case laws that stands no longer effective in the light of amendments and developments that have taken place have been duly removed.
To make the book brief and concise, many topics have been re written and comments have been pruned at the same time maintaining the originality and essence of the commentary.


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