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  • Introductory and Preliminary.
  • Pre-sessions Trail Exercise.
  • Construction and Power of Court Of Sessions.
  • Power of Court sessions to summon  Additional Accused .
  • Discharge and Framing Of Charging In Sessions trial.
  • Conviction on Plea Of Guilty.
  • Public Prosecutor and Prosecution Evidence.
  • Acquittal in Cases of No Evidence. 
  • Examination of a Accused under Section 313 CRPC.
  • Entering Upon Defence, Plea of Alibi and Conduct of Accused.
  • Role of Motive and RES-GESTAE.
  • Role of F.I.R.
  • Direct and circumstantial Evidence .
  • Dying Declaration.
  • Identification of Accused and Property.
  • Admission, Confessions and Recovery under Section 27, Evidence Act.
  • Irregularities and Illegalities in Investigation, Search and Seizure.
  • Appreciation of Evidence of various Types of Witness.
  • Some Golden, Sound and Guiding Principle’s of Appreciation of Evidence.
  • Trail of  juvenile justice Offenders .
  • Hearing of the Question of Sentence and Imposition of Death Sentence.
  • Dowry Death, Application of /Constructive or vicarious Liability and Law as to Criminal Conspiracy.
  • Determination of Medico-legal Questions in Sessions Trial.
  • Role of Judges in Sessions Trail.


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