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  1. Remand -General
  2. Remand of Police Custody or other Investigating  Agencies.
  3. Remand of Judicial custody during Investigation.
  4. Remand of Judicial custody during inquiry or Committal Proceedings.
  5. Remand of Judicial custody during Warrant and Sessions trail.
  6. Practice and Procedure.
  7. Law of Bails.
  8. Authorities Empowered to Grant Bail.
  9. Bail in a Bailable Offence.
  10. Bail in a Non-Bailable Offence.
  11. Anticipatory Bail.
  12. Bail on Technical , Legal and Statutory Grounds.
  13. Bail under Special and Local Acts.
  14. Cancellation of Bails.
  15. Bail-post conviction or Acquittal and Pending Reference or Revision.
  16. Bail in Security or Preventive than Accused.
  17. Bail bond from Persons other than Accused.
  18. Provision as to Bail Bond.
  19. Bail and custody Provisions under the “The Juvenile Justice Act ”
  20. Practice and Procedure with Model Forms of Bail Application.
  21. Law Relating to Arrest (with special Reference to Latest Supreme court Pronouncement).
  22. Law Relating to Handcuffs and Fetters.
  23. Law of Habeas Corpus.
  24. Parole.
  25. Custodial Violence or Torture and Custodial Death.
  26. Bail under Money Laundering Act.


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