1. what is Jurisprudence about?
  2. Natural Law and moral truth
  3. The command theory of law
  4. Utilitarian and the economic analysis of law
  5. punishment
  6. Kelsen’s Pure theory of Law
  7. Legal concepts
  8. Legal realism and critical legal studies
  9. Hart’s concept of law
  10. Freedom and the enforcement of morals
  11. The morality of law and the rule of Law
  12. Statutory interpretation
  13. precedent
  14. Dwokin’s right thesis
  15. Legal reasoning
  16. The duty to obey the Law
  17. The historical school and non-state law
  18. Sociological jurisprudence.
  19. Law, social theory and Marxist jurisprudence
  20. Justice : liberal , communitarian and feminist


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