1. who said repeatedly ‘off with hid head?
  2. who said and where ‘This was their finest hour’?
  3. who said and where ‘I appeal unto caesar ‘?
  4. Who wrote ,and when ‘I leave Emma Lady Hamilton therefore a legacy?
  5. who said and where ‘Take then thy bond’?
  6. Who wrote and who first sang the hymn ‘who would true valour see?
  7. who said and when that he’s upset my apple -cart ‘?
  8. which queen of England often wished herself to be ‘a milkmaid all the month of may?
  9. who shouted out ‘four which king’? and at what battle?
  10. In pride and prejudice , who was ‘prejudice ‘?
  11. who was the girl who became ‘Maiden no more ‘?
  12. Who was the gentleman who could not pull off his night-cap?
  13. who said and of whom that he was ‘Unwept, and unhonour’d and unsung’? 


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