Part 1 The English Legal System
1:The nature of English law
2:The court system and alternative dispute resolution
3:Sources of English law
Part 2 Contract Law
4:The nature of the agreement: offer and acceptance
5:Intention, capacity, consideration, and privity
6:The terms of a contract
7:Vitiating factors
8:Discharge of contract and contractual remedies
9:The sale of goods and supply of services
Part 3 The Law of Agency
10:The law of agency
Part 4 Tort Law
11:The tort of negligence
12:Product liability, defective premises, interference with land, and defences
Part 5 Employment Law
13:The contract of employment and its termination
14:Discrimination and health and safety
Part 6 The Structure and Management of Business
15:Business organizations
16:Company law I: formation and finance


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