1.:General Aspects, André Nollkaemper
2.:Statehood and Recognition, Aristoteles Constantin ides
3.:Jurisdiction, Cedric Ryngaert, Harmen van der Wilt, and Juan Santos Vara
4.:Immunities of States and Their Officials, Rosanne van Alebeek and Riccardo Pavoni
5.:International Organizations, August Reinisch and Gregor Novak
6.:The Law of Treaties, Christina Binder and Catherine Brölmann
7.:Customary International Law, Jorian Hamster
8.:Ius Cogens, Aristoteles Constantin ides
9.:Soft Law, Mochiko Kane take
10.:Enforcement of Decisions of International Courts at the National Level, Thórdís Ingadóttir
11.:International Responsibility, Ralph Janik
12.:Use of Force, Christy Shuck smith and Nigel D White
13.:International Humanitarian Law, Cedric Reynaert
14.:Terrorism, Aristoteles Constantin ides
15.:Substantive International Criminal Law, Harmen van der Wilt, J Craig Barker, and Bea Myers
16.:Amnesties, Claudia Martin
17.:Economic and Social Rights, Aristoteles Constantin ides
21.:Environmental Law, Maria Gavouneli and Jorian Hamster


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