1. Justice sukhdev singh kang
  2. Mar varkey cardinal Vithayathil
  3. P.D kuruvilla
  4. Dr.C. Rangarajan
  5. Prof.M.S.Swaminathan
  6. Religion
  7. Lessons from the Land of the Rising sun
  8. India in the New Millennium
  9. Ubiquitious Malayali; Isolated Economy
  10. Future of kerala’s Agriculture¬†
  11. Kubota
  12. Corruption-The cancer of Indian society
  13. Importance of District Administration
  14. The role of the Governor in india’s
  15. Kerala-A challenge to the Planners
  16. My diplomatic Days-Unusual Reminiscences-K.PS.Menon
  17. Inland Fishery is no fable-P.D-kuruvila


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