• Criminal Intent and Offence.
  • Constitution and Provisions under code of Criminal Procedure.
  • Investigation.
  • Investigation Agencies under the Special and Local Laws.
  • Information’s & first Information Report .
  • Complaint under section 200 of code of criminal Procedure,1973
  • Arrest by Police-Constitutional Right of Accused.
  • Custody & Remand.
  • Custodial Interrogation.
  • Search and Seizure Under CRC.
  • Interrogation and Collection Of Evidence.
  • Encounter Cases/Extra killings by Police During Investigation and Guidelines by Supreme Court.
  • Recording Of Statements under CRPC.
  • Confession Under Indian Evidence Act,1872
  • Expert Evidence & Scientific Tests in Investigation.
  • Pachamama.
  • Inquests and Inquires into Unnatural Deaths.
  • Dying Declaration.
  • Forensic Investigation.
  • Forensic science & Forensic Expert Evidence.
  • Forensic Ballistics.
  • Brain mapping & Narco-Analysis Test.
  • Electronic Evidence.
  • Discharge in Accused In Criminal Cases.
  • Withdrawal from Prosecution.
  • Sanction for Prosecution under CRPC, prevention of Corruption Act.
  • Final Disposal & Completion of Investigation.
  • Evidence-Deficiency Of Proof -Benefit to the Accused.
  • Non Examination of Investigation officer: Consequences.
  • Important Aspects of NDPS Act,1985
  • The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act,2005
  • Enforcement Directorate & Prevention of Money Laundering Act. 
  • Closure Report Under the Criminal Procedure code,1973
  • Landmark Citation for The year 2020-2021-2022-2023


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