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  1. Definition under the IBC and Threshold for Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process.
  2. Admission into Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process: Financial Creditors.
  3. Admission into Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process: Operational Creditors.
  4. Admission into Corporates Insolvency Resolution Process : Corporate Creditors .
  5. Debts and Persons not Eligible to be Pursued under the IBC.
  6. Timelines Under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy code.
  7. Effect Of Admission into corporate Insolvency Resolution Process: An Introduction.
  8. Moratorium under sec:14 of the Insolvency  and Bankruptcy code.
  9. Interim Resolution Professional and Resolution  Professional : Appointment, Rights and Duties.
  10. Public Announcement, filing of claims and Verification of claims.
  11. Constitution , Meeting and Voting of the Committee of creditors.
  12. Invitation for Expression of Interest and shortlisting of Prospective Resolution Applicants.
  13. Information Memorandum, Request For Resolution plan and Evaluation Matrix. 
  14. Valuation of the corporate Debtor and Appointment of other Professional by the Resolution Professional.
  15. Persons Ineligible to Act as a Resolution Applicant.
  16. Nature, Scope and Contents of a  Resolution Plan and its Consideration by the committee of creditors and the NCLT, NCLAT and supreme Court.
  17. Withdrawal and Settlement under section 12 A of the code.
  18. Liquidation of Corporate Debtor.
  19. Appointment , Replacement, Rights and Duties of the Liquidator.
  20. Public Announcement , Claims and Reports in Liquidation.
  21. List of Stakeholders, Constitution of the Stakeholders consultation committee, its Meeting and powers .
  22. Liquidation Estate of the Corporate Debtors.
  23. Asset Memorandum and Valuation of the corporate Debtors in Liquidation.
  24. Relinquishment of  Security Interest.
  25. Schemes under section 230-232 of the Companies Act,2013 in Liquidation.
  26. Sale in Liquidation. 
  27. Distribution in Liquidation.
  28. Avoidance of Transactions.
  29. Fast Track Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process.
  30. Jurisdiction of the NCLT, NCLAT, and supreme court under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy code , 2016
  31. Powers Under the  companies Act,2013, NCLT Rules ,2016 NCLT Rules, 2016 and Proceedings under IBC.
  32. Malicious and Fraudulent Initiation of Proceedings Under IBC
  33. Offences under the IBC.
  34. Pre-Package Insolvency Resolution Process under IBC.
  35. Miscellaneous Concepts under IBC.   



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