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  • Green channel in combination Regulations is the new legislative amendments in competition Act,2002.
  • Evolution of relevant market in different parts of the world.
  • Existence of cartels in India and US.
  • Treatments of cartels under the US jurisdiction.
  • Position of cartels under the Indian Law.
  • Comparative analysis of US an Indian law on cartel
  • comparison of Relevant market in India and USA.
  • Examination of price-Fixing in India
  • Treatment of Price -fixing in India.
  • Examination the efficacy of Mandatory merger notification in India.
  • Examination the period of merger review in India.
  • Examining India’s Corporative Leniency Program relating to cartels with US system.
  • Foreign Investment during MRTP regime and competition regime.
  • Justification of the corporate Leniency program in India.


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